Spanish – Course details

At the Spanish Academy South Africa, we provide an unprecedented, unique methodology that enables our students to develop accelerated speaking skills to stratospheric levels, surpassing all your expectations.

We provide the combination to open the vault of your brain’s infinite resources, saving you years of study versus the laborious, self-sabotaging academic textbook approach that is used by other educators and ultimately leads to your capitulation and demise.

The sheer delight I receive from your success is infinitely greater than the delight you will experience in having that success in breaking new frontiers, in having astounding conversational generosity, and in becoming prodigious Spanish speakers. 

Free Introductory Spanish Lesson Details:

As part of your learning journey. We have prepared a comprehensive free introductory video on our YouTube channel. Watch it at your convenience before embarking on your Spanish learning journey. You can use the lecture as a litmus test to ascertain if you enjoy my methodology.

Additionally, download a complimentary transcript (demo) here, which you can reference while watching the free introductory Spanish lesson video.

Click here to access & watch the video directly on YouTube or at the bottom of every page of the website for easy access, including your transcript e-book, which must be downloaded to watch in collaboration with the free introductory Spanish lesson video.

While watching the free introductory Spanish lesson video, you will dive into Chapter 1 of our course, where you’ll experience firsthand how our unique methodology empowers you to develop outstanding speaking skills. Even if you are unable to commit to a full 14-week course, we strongly encourage you to join our free live preparation lecture. It’s an opportunity for us to lay the foundation of rhythm development and impeccable sentence construction, crucial for your language journey. This foundation will pave the way for a harvest of perpetual, result-oriented outcomes, leading to inevitable victory.

We are committed to igniting your enthusiasm and nurturing your unrelenting determination to master Spanish. Our goal is to instil an unwavering belief in your infinite potential. Belief is the thermostat that regulates your achievements in your pursuit of becoming a competent Spanish speaker.

We eagerly anticipate guiding you towards the vast ocean of limitless possibilities residing within you and witnessing your desires come to fruition.

Course Details:

Spanish – Public Beginners Group Cycle – Course Dates and Rates:

Duration: All public group cycles are 14 weeks.
Cost: R8,000.00 (Includes all materials and a certificate upon completion).
Tuition: R228 per hour (35 hours of tuition in total).

Our public group cycles are personally taught by me, with a maximum of 12 students per cycle. Seats are limited, and once they are filled, we start a waiting list. Late cancellations are promptly communicated to students on the waiting list. To secure your spot, we recommend pre-booking and registering with payment, ensuring your seat in the cycle.

Procrastination is opportunities natural assassin.

2024 April – Public Group Cycles (14 Weeks):

Group Cycle Start Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024
Time: 18:00 pm to 20:30 pm.

2024 June – Public Group Cycles (14 Weeks):

Group Cycle Start Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Time: 18:00 pm to 20:30 pm.

Group Cycle Start Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Time: 18:00 pm to 20:30 pm.

For all the public group cycles, you may join Face-to-Face classes at The Spanish Academy’s premises or online on Zoom

After each lesson in your cycle, you will receive a link to a superlative recording. This enables you to revisit the lectures at your convenience, reinforcing the material in your subconscious. This approach ensures that you stay on the path of consistent, result-oriented outcomes, empowering you to overcome any obstacles and achieve a resounding victory.

Bonus – Free Beginner Salsa dance lesson for those interested after class

VIP Private tuition Spanish course – other locations

For those of you who want to start ASAP, or not with an upcoming group cycle, there is the option of private tuition. All our teachers are from Spain and are prodigious teachers who will surpass all your expectations. Being taught by a native Spanish speaker has insurmountable value for your ear training. This VIP course allows you or your party to start at any time, at either our: Highlands North Branch run by Slade Sydenham branch (15 minutes from Rosebank or Sandton) is run by Anna. Anna is unequivocally and categorically at the very pinnacle of the educational field of Spanish. Her authentic Spanish accent will have incalculable value for your ear training. Anna is also the head of the prestigious British international school Spanish department in Johannesburg since 2013. Anna will provide you with the navigational charts to get you over the waters to reach far distant shores that very few have frequented with expedience in conversational generosity and academic superlative achievement. Rates vary depending on how many people you are inquiring about and are also dependent on your status i.e. high school student /university or adult. Please contact me to let me know these details and I will give you a price structure and the contact details of all two branches for this option. If you require a teacher to travel to your home or office – inform me of that special requirement – and I will relay the information to you once I have received your information on the number of people in your party and the location of where the teaching will be held. Each private cycle must be completed in a 6-month time frame.

To purchase the Spanish E-course

I encourage you to do the live demo download situated at the bottom of all the pages of our website. It is a two-hour lecture (chapter one of our book). It’s just as if you are in class with me. It comes with a PDF booklet.

For those who are not able to physically attend class, you do have the option to purchase the next 29 lectures and a full pdf manual to download and study from the comfort of your home or office it’s just as if you’re having the live class experience. R16,000.00.

Terms & Conditions

By registering for the Spanish Course, you expressly acknowledge and agree to these terms.
Once payment is received, no refunds will be given irrespective of the reason. However, cycles that have been cancelled can be redone with a 50% discount within a six (6) month period.
Our e-Course will be given to those students that are unable to complete the cycle, free of charge.

We offer the highest most superlative qualitlive online and virtual tutorials, with the convenience of attending classes from the comfort of your home.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance.

In order to join a meeting on Zoom, you can log in on their website or download the program for Mac or PC. If you are on a smartphone, you can download the app for Android or iOS.

We will schedule the lessons with you for you to participate in the group lessons or if you prefer 1-on-1 VIP personal tutelage.

Learning a new skill is integral, with all that’s going on right now we really need to focus some of our attention on what we can control.

We need to occupy a portion of our time with manifesting an aspiration-  which is one of our chief definite aims. Winning indeed starts with the beginning- Stickability with our desire is always 90% of our ability – to stay on a path of constant result-orientated outcomes to inevitable victory.

The juice and satisfaction are really in the process of witnessing our creation unfold on the journey!

I’m so appreciative of the role of your intentions- giving me and my staff the possible future privilege of experience in guiding you- in becoming a prolific Spanish speaker.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have by email at My WhatsApp is +2782 455 5341 I revel in the knowledge of your delight to come when you witness the unfolding of your desires fulfilled.