Allister Sparks Journalist/ Author/ Political Analyst

Mr. Sparks is the former editor of the Rand Daily Mail . He served as a correspondent for the Washington Post and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in The United States in 1985.

“I write this to recommend The Spanish Academy run by Slade Frank as an excellent establishment for anyone wishing to acquire fluency in a language that is rapidly gaining global importance. Slade has helped me meet my needs beyond my expectations. He is an excellent teacher. The course was not only useful but also enjoyable. I strongly recommend his academy..”

Richard Van Der Merwe CEO at BAYER(South Africa)

“Initially I purchased 2 different versions of language CDs and Audio. I found them extremely difficult to progress. I decided to attend the course offered by the Spanish Academy. I found the structure that Slade uses to be very beneficial. He teaches the language in a layered manner and this is a far easier approach to learning. His unique method of teaching has allowed me in a very short period to achieve a level where I can read and understand and I am in a position to converse comfortably with other people.
I would highly recommend the Spanish Academy to anyone who wishes to learn the Spanish language in a short time period. I am grateful and indebted to the Spanish Academy for getting me off to such a great start.”

Amori Stols -PGCE- Post Graduate Certificate in Education

“To have this unique experience to study Spanish at the Spanish Academy had an enormous impact on my life. Slade (my Spanish teacher) and my classmates made Mondays my favorite day of the week because Slade created a supportive, constructive atmosphere in the class with his student-based pedagogy and unique teaching method. As a second language teacher, in his class, I became a student not only of Spanish but also of teaching. I will wholeheartedly recommend this excellent course to anyone. It is an experience of a lifetime that you will cherish. You will most certainly (if you have intrinsic motivation and “unshakable determination and tenacity”) leave the course with a firm foundation of Spanish grammar and the necessary self-confidence to comprehend and speak.”

Robert Thomson- Director Delport and Thompson Wealth Management
-BA LLB LLM (Environmental law) CFP

“For several months now I have had the privilege of being a student of Slade, whose passion for his subject is contagious. The experience has surpassed my expectations in every way. Slade has developed a method of teaching that makes it very easy and logical to progress to each subsequent level without any difficulties. I am amazed at how much Spanish I have learned already. I highly recommend The Spanish Academy South Africa.”

DR.D.G.C Presbury Dermatologist – MB BS FRCP

“Dear Slade. Marion and I would like to thank you very much indeed for the recent Spanish course that we have completed. We really enjoyed the course and your whole approach plus your considerable patience. As you know we go to Spain every year for a holiday. Our newly acquired Spanish skills were a fantastic bonus to the whole quality of our holiday. More importantly, we were able to converse with the people wherever we went. We could always make ourselves understood, it just made an enormous difference. We are very grateful to you and cannot thank you enough for your enormous help.”

Richard Bienia MD, Regional Medical Manager for Africa – United States Department of State

“For the past six months, my wife and I have been taking Spanish lessons with Mr. Slade Frank. What a pleasure it has been!
As a teacher, Slade has a boundless enthusiasm which makes learning Spanish an actually enjoyable experience. His teaching technique is notably different from other Spanish language programs. The result is that students find themselves able to speak Spanish comfortably in a surprisingly short period of time.
With pleasure, I am able to give Slade my highest recommendation as an instructor in Spanish.”

Mr. Kevin Howl, UN logistics officer:

“Dear Slade,
I wanted to write and thank you for your help in studying for my language test. The week I spent in your class has helped me greatly with my understanding and speaking in Spanish. I have gained confidence which is so important when trying to learn another language. I will definitely recommend your academy to my fellow UN staff members trying to learn Spanish.”

Mr. L. S. Day, Chief Executive Officer, Barloworld:

“My wife and I enrolled for Spanish lessons in April this year. We have found your process to be challenging but effective. We feel that we are coming to grips with the language and after only four lessons we are confident in trying the practical use of the language in day-to-day communications.”

Ian Davidson, BA LLB (Wits)/LLM ( Stellenbosch )

Ian is a former Member of Parliament and Chief Whip of the Democratic Alliance

“Languages are not my forte and therefore learning Spanish I feared would be a daunting task.
Quite the contrary. The past 6 months of learning Spanish at the Spanish Academy run by Slade have been both rewarding and fun. His building block approach for English speakers is highly effective enabling me to achieve a level of understanding of Spanish that I did not initially believe possible! Yes, it has been hard work requiring focus and commitment but Slade’s own unabating enthusiasm and constant encouragement was an excellent motivator. Thank you, Slade.

I highly recommend his course to anyone thinking of learning Spanish.”

Mr. Steven Carpenter, Product Development Manager, Thompsons Tours South America:

“All Thompsons Tours clients traveling to Spanish-speaking countries in South America receive an hour free Spanish introductory lesson with The Spanish Academy.
This is a wonderful tool that Thompsons Tours offers their clients as an added value, giving them an opportunity to get the basics of the Spanish language before they travel to the country. In many cases, the clients will extend their hour lesson to a full course.
Thompsons Tours is very happy with the service The Spanish Academy is offering their South American clients and we hope that the relationship is ongoing and mutually beneficial!”

Ettienne Strydom, Business Manager, SQM Africa:

“Our company has successfully utilized the services of Mr. Slade Frank from the Spanish Academy as a tutor of the Spanish Introductory Course to our employees, who need to be proficient in basic Spanish due to our global networking and international office locations in Latin America and Spain.
We have found Slade’s approach to be dynamic and logical, ensuring the maximum benefit in the shortest space of time, without compensating for the fun-to-be-had aspect. The small and intimate classes ensure maximum value for money.”

Mutmaz Mia Osman, UN AIDS Technical Advisor:

“I write to thank you for the great learning experience I have had in your class. It’s been a wonderful experience for me to learn a new language in such a cool atmosphere.
Many thanks for all the fun hours and keep helping others to learn this fascinating language in a most fun way.”

Mr. Ken Preston, Affinity Advertising & Publishing:

“Having just completed your introductory Spanish course I want to express my gratitude for your remarkable patience and cheerful disposition throughout. I also believe the methodology you have developed is very effective and I was astonished at how much ground we were able to cover in such a short space of time.”

Wilna Faul, BA(Law) LLB(cum Laude) LLM LLD (UJ):

“I have been learning Spanish with Slade Frank for the past three months. I can highly recommend him. He has a phenomenal insight into the problems one could encounter whilst learning Spanish as a foreign language. Slade has a fresh approach to teaching a language. I have studied various languages. His approach is the best, most logical, and step-by-step method that I have come across. He gradually leads one via the various “building blocks” as he aptly calls them to a solid and fundamental knowledge of Spanish. What a pleasure to be taught by such a creative and intelligent person with a real enthusiasm for his subject.”

Mr. Pierce Clarke:

“I would just like to express my gratitude for your wonderful course. Having already attended two courses in Spain, I feel that your methodology is a lot more practical and logical, giving me results far beyond my expectations.”

Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Dorothy Witly:

“Thank you Slade for your lovely course. Our trip to Argentina was out of this world and a lot of that was due to our ability to speak openly with the people in their language.”

Mr Glen Brauns, Nestle South Africa:

“Having just completed Slade’s introductory Spanish course, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the very effective way in which he conducted the course and for his remarkable patience and enthusiasm shown throughout the duration of the course. The methodology used has been very effective and will certainly assist me during my 4-year expatriation assignment in Mexico.
Slade is a very committed and dedicated teacher and has made learning Spanish an awesome experience for me.”

Mr. Geofrey Read, M BB Ch (Wits), Orthopedic Surgeon:

“Slade is, without doubt, an excellent teacher of Spanish.
Apart from being educational our experience with Slade was also fun. His teaching methods are specifically geared toward English speakers, taking into account how Spanish should be spoken and understood, rather than a straightforward textbook type of approach. I have no doubt that what we learned will be immensely helpful when we visit South American countries where there are very few English speakers. I have no hesitation in recommending Slade. ”

Charles Durand

“We loved Slade’s Spanish classes from beginning to end. Slade is entertaining, and passionate and puts every ounce of energy into every lesson. His teaching method is more effective than we have come across in other language courses. He gave us a solid foundation to work with and we can highly recommend his classes. Now we are off to Spain to do El Camino with confidence, thanks, Slade.”

Nicole Greenstone

“Slade is an excellent Spanish teacher. My understanding of Spanish has grown exponentially under his tutelage and guidance. His lessons are highly entertaining and informative and his teaching methodology is logical, intuitive, and extremely effective. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn this wonderful language!”

Shaft sinkers PTY LTD

Heather Group financial manager
Mahlomola Quantity surveyor
Marcie Estimator

“We would like to thank you for being such a wonderful Spanish teacher. We really learned a lot and it was time well spent.
Thank you for your patience and for spending extra time with us, you really went out of your way. We highly recommend you to anyone who wishes to learn Spanish.”

Lisa McWilliam, Client Relations Manager, John Ryan International:

“Slade has worked with my company, teaching Spanish. Throughout the duration of his employment, he has thought with professionalism and enthusiasm.
His teaching syllabus is extremely thorough and I would recommend it for business use as well as ‘day-to-day’ Spanish.
Slade is a very committed and hardworking teacher but has also made learning Spanish a great deal of fun.

Dylan Kynoch:

“Slade has a gift for teaching. His enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge of Spanish is boundless. It has been an absolute joy and privilege to be taught by him and I look forward to more lessons in the future! Without a doubt the best Spanish Academy in South Africa.”

Sean McKenna:

“Excellent way to learn if you want to learn Spanish fast and in a very exciting way! I tried apps and various other ways but the way we have been taught really embeds the structure of Spanish in one’s mind. I am now onto my second course. The founder (Slade) is a passion-filled master of his trade and has gone out of his way to make the learning process simultaneously entertaining and educational! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SPANISH ACADEMY SA! Muchas gracias! :)”

Victoria Dingle:

I had been attempting to learn Spanish off a few different language apps for months, which worked only partly before I decided to attend a Spanish course with Slade. From the very first lesson, I knew it would be worth it and more. Slade’s method of teaching makes Spanish easily comprehensible and makes learning very rapid. I learned more about the language (and why each word changes how it does) in the 10 weeks I attended Slade’s course than in the many months I was trying to self-teach. Slade has such a passion and enthusiasm for teaching, and he understands exactly how English people need to be taught in order to master Spanish in a short time frame. Muchas gracias, Slade, because I know that my trip to Ecuador will see fluent interactions with all the locals and all thanks to your course! The Spanish Academy really is the best!

Françoise Pinillos:

Slade is incredibly gifted at teaching! His knowledge of the language is sound and his method of teaching is so effective and fun. I can highly recommend learning Spanish through The Spanish Academy. Thank you, Slade. Your enthusiasm for Spanish and your love and passion for teaching are amazing!

Sarah Hing:

I am currently taking lessons at the Spanish Academy and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Slade’s method of teaching is so easy to understand and he makes every lesson fun and exciting. He is passionate about what he does and always goes the extra mile for his students. I am amazed at how much I have learned in such a short period of time. I had previously tried various ‘self-study’ Spanish textbooks and audio CDs but since attending Slade’s classes, I can honestly say that I have learned more during the 7 weeks with him than the 1 year I spent trying to learn from the textbook. The Spanish Academy truly is THE BEST!!!!

Albert Oosthuysen:

“The Spanish Academy is the best!  The course follows such a simplified modular approach that slowly builds on the preceding information, that after just a few lessons I was amazed to find I’m able to understand some basic Spanish conversation. Slade’s unapologetically excitable style and patience make learning Spanish fun. I would highly recommend the Spanish Academy if you want to learn Spanish. I’m looking forward to the advanced course coming up soon!”

Jayvus Vuka Jr. Nkosi:

“I would like to give many thanks to Slade for his impeccable style of teaching and for providing an inclusive & conducive atmosphere for everyone and myself to learn and grasp the fundamentals of the Spanish language. In under 8 weeks, I have become an advanced beginner speaker of the language and Slade has thoroughly prepared me for my great move to Spain by teaching me the beautiful language. ¡Muchas gracias Sr. Slade!”

Manveer Sewpersadh:

“Learning a new language has never been this easy. All because of Slade’s dynamic, patient, motivating personality with a method that works. All the current methods out there do not compare. He is a man that believes in his students and you can easily walk out of a beginners’ course with the confidence to engage in Spanish. Highly recommended if you are serious about learning a new life skill.”

Dr. Pareen Desai:

“Highlight of my week, the highlight of my month, and definitely the highlight of my year thus far!!! 🙂 Slade is an absolutely wonderful teacher with an infinite amount of dedication and patience. His enthusiasm is contagious and he has made learning Spanish one of the most enjoyable languages I have learned.”

Abhishek Anand:

“Spanish Academy is the place to go if you want to learn Spanish. Slade has an amazing methodology and rather than doing bookish things, he builds layers of logical thinking while enriching vocabulary at the same time. I find this really amazing and helpful to scale the heights of Spanish. I did his beginners course with my wife and after 3 initial classes, we were already speaking basic and generally used Spanish. The Saturday classes with Slade were the best part of our week as we could feel enriched by acquired knowledge and time well spent. I enquired initially about what the beginners’ course covers, only to find out myself later that it covers A1 and A2 fully. I wish I get time again to do Slade’s advanced course. Thanks, Slade for such an amazing introduction to Spanish.”

Mark Gallagher:

“My wife and I took a course with The Spanish Academy in basic Spanish before setting off on a work assignment to Chile. In the short time available, Slade managed to teach and embed a solid basic knowledge of what is a complex language. This set us up with a good foundation on which to build. His teaching style is completely different from “old school traditions” which teach very little leaving the learner confused and frustrated. Slade’s teaching method and course content are in a different league. We would both highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn the language.”